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OvBA @ Home

From March 23rd the UK was in lockdown. Archery was cancelled, we were told to stay at home and leave the house once a day for excercise. So....some of us with suitable gardens chose their form of excercise.....archery!!

World Archery produced some nice targets during this time that could be shot at short distances, so we played with those.

Things started to get serious, and a competition was planned between the "Stokers" and the "Village People" (no, no costumes were involved). The first competition was a scaled Portsmouth shot at 8m.

Stokers (Steve, Hannah, James, Rob): 2024 Village People (Steve, Alex, Richard, Jodie): 2233

Next up, a Warwick challenge:

Rob: 392

Steve B: 432

Steve A: 376 Alex: 366

Stokers: 1, Villagers: 1

We then planned the first online world championship reduced target frostbite round, with the following winners:

  • Hannah under 14 world champion

  • Dave barebow world champion

  • James under 18 world champion

  • Steve B compound world champion

  • Steve A recurve world champion

    • Rob and Richard taking podium places

All in all, not bad for a small archery club from Overton!

Things continued along those lines - we all shot the weekly WA fun targets and held weekly zoom competitions. Next, we heard about the 2.6 challenge initiative, and decided to do something of our own...See next post

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