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Handicaps & Classifications

A great way to track your progress in Archery is to monitor your Handicap and/or Classifications.  Have a look here for a more detailsed explanation of what these are: but basically:

  • A handicap is a measure of how well you shoot, and how your arrows group on a target.  The smaller the group, the lower the handicap and the better the archer.  Your handicap will vary between bowstyles; a good longbow archer will not achieve a handicap as low as a good compound archer, but you can compare handicaps with archers shooting the same bowstyle and watch your handicap lower (hopefully) as you progress.

  • A classification is a measure of your proficiency and can be compared between bowstyles.  Classifications are based on target scores for certain rounds, details can be found in the link above.  To achieve higher classifications, you need to shoot at tournaments.


Club Handicaps

The table below shows handicaps for all club archers that are using ExpertArcher to score rounds.  A handicap is calculated at the start of each season, and this can be improved on throughout the year.

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