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Archery GB -
AGB Field -

SCAS (Southern Counties Aechery Society) -
HAA (Hampshire Archery Association) -
EFAA (English Field Archery Association) -
NFAS (National Field Archery Sociery) -


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BB -



Archery interchange - Archery Interchange UK forum

Useful Sites

Archery TV -
Classification & Handicap Calculator -
Longbow classification (DNAA)

Online Archery Academy




Score requirements to achieve FITA Arrowhead awards here

Bow Tuning Tests (Steve Ellison)

Bow International - recurve setup
Reference Guide for Recurve Archers

FITA - recurve bow tuning guide

String picture article

Easton Arrow Chart

Guide to arrow spine

Button tuning guide
Wrapping dental floss nocks
Shooting on hills

Scoring apps

ExpertArcher (Android) -

ExpertArcher (IOS) -

Archery Scorepad (Android) -
MyTargets Archery (Android) - 
Xringscoring (Android/IOS) -


Scoring websites - (handicaps) -



Bowsports -
Carol -
Chiltern Archery -
Merlin -
Quicks -
The Longbow Shop -
Wales Archery Specialist -



Hoyt -
Win & Win -
Samick -
KG -
Beiter -
Sure-Loc -
Shibuya -
Easton -
Border -
Matthews -
Hillary Greenland -
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