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Useful links for members

​Club Facebook Group:


Links to other Archery related sites

The links below are provided purely for their usefulness.  Overton Black Arrows does not endorse any of the companies or products below.


Archery GB -
AGB Field -

SCAS (Southern Counties Aechery Society) -
HAA (Hampshire Archery Association) -
EFAA (English Field Archery Association) -
NFAS (National Field Archery Sociery) -



Competition & Tournament lists

BB -



Archery interchange - Archery Interchange UK forum

Useful Sites

Archery TV -
Classification & Handicap Calculator -
Longbow classification (DNAA)

Online Archery Academy




Score requirements to achieve FITA Arrowhead awards here

A guide fo field archery

Reference Guide for Recurve Archers

FITA - recurve bow tuning guide

String picture article

Easton Arrow Chart

Guide to arrow spine

Tuning for barebow
Wrapping dental floss nocks
Shooting on hills

Fivics Finger Tab size guide (right click, save as)

Scoring apps

ExpertArcher (Android) -

ExpertArcher (IOS) -

Scoring websites - (handicaps) -



Quicks -

Alternatives -
Merlin -
Chiltern Archery -
Carol -
Wales Archery Specialist -




Hoyt -
Win & Win -
Samick -
KG -
Beiter -
Sure-Loc -
Shibuya -
Easton -
Border -
Matthews -
Hillary Greenland -
Bosses / targets -

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