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Beginners Courses

Learn the sport of archery on one of our AGB Beginners Courses, currently costing £60.

We try to hold two beginners courses each year in April(ish) and September(ish). The dates for beginners courses can be found on our events page.

If a course is full you can book a space on the waiting list and you will be contacted if someone cancels.

If there are no courses on the events page, please contact us as normal via the contact page and we will then email you when the next course dates have been set. Simply select 'Beginners' from the drop down list to ensure the right person gets your message.

If you are exceptionally keen to take a Beginners Course sooner, rather than later, and simply do not want to wait until our next Beginners Course, there might be an opportunity to do an 'Ad-Hoc' Beginners Course.

About the course

Indoor courses typically last 4 weeks, but may be as long as 6 weeks, and are either held on Friday evenings, or Saturday mornings.

Outdoor courses typically last 4 weeks, and are usually held on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

You'll be taught the basic principles of good shooting technique and gain a thorough understanding of archery safety and shooting etiquette.

All equipment is provided for the course.

An ArcheryGB (AGB) approved certificate will be issued to all those who have reached a suitable standard. This certificate is evidence that you have completed the course to the standard required for membership of an AGB affiliated archery club, such as ours.

FITA badges may also be achieved during or after the course.

Note we typically schedule an extra date for courses to allow for some flexibility.

To book, please see our events page. Courses tend to get booked up very quickly.  For more information please use the contact form and send a message to 'Beginners'.

Please note: While we welcome children they must be 10 or over and accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Have a go!

Throughout the year we hold "Have-a-go" sessions for members of the public to come and try Archery. Some are held at our own range, others at local schools, fetes and other events.


Events for 2024 have not been finalised, but normally we have several throughout the warmer months of the year ...

Corporate Coaching/Archery Experience

Overton Black Arrows can provide an Archery Experience to most types of corporate event.

Participants need no previous experience. All equipment and instruction is provided. Our coaches are hugely experienced, ensuring your attendees have a safe and enjoyable time. Activities can be tailored to suit all needs (including disabled). Sessions can be at your own venue or one of a number that we can arrange for you, both outdoors and indoors.


Examples of clients and locations that we have already worked with are: Royal Patronage events, multi-national companies, team building event organisers, stately homes, local hotels, sports fields, schools, BBC, youth organisations (Scouts/Guides).

Coaching Team

Our beginners courses, try the sport and have-a-go sessions are run by our coaches and experienced archers:

  •  Peter Turner (Club President & Head of Coaching), National Judge, Level 2 coach, Safeguarding, DBS

  •  Steve Allam (Tournament Organiser), Level 2 coach, Safeguarding, DBS

  •  Richard Buckner (Competitions & Records Officer), Level 1 coach, Safeguarding, DBS

  •  Steve Baker (Treasurer), Level 1 coach, Safeguarding, DBS

  • Rob Aldridge (Secretary), Level 1 coach, Safeguarding, DBS

  • Eric Dunlop (Equipment & Safeguarding Officer), Level 1 coach,  Safeguarding, DBS     

  • Paul Williams (Chairman) Level 1 coach, Safeguarding, DBS

  •  Alex Allam, Level 1 coach, Safeguarding, DBS

  •  Mike Humphries, Experienced Archer, Safeguarding, DBS 

  • Geoff Titchener, Experienced Archer

  •  Maurice Berridge, Experienced Archer,  County Judge

  • Terry Edwards, Experienced Archer

  • Wendy Thomas, Experienced Archer

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