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To contact a committee member, please use our contact form and choose the appropriate 'Send message to' option.

  • President & Coaching:  Peter Turner

  • Chairman:  Paul Williams

  • Secretary:  Rob Aldridge

  • Treasurer:  Steve Baker

  • Membership:  Steve White

  • Equipment:  Eric Dunlop

  • Records & Competitions:  Richard Buckner

  • Tournaments: Steve Allam

  • Safeguarding:  Eric Dunlop

Associate committee members

  • Hannah Callier

  • Terry Edwards

  • Tricia Crawley


Committee roles


Note that all committee members and advisors may have others to assist i.e. secretary may have someone to do minutes (minute secretary)


PRESIDENT (advisory role) – Peter Turner is life president of the club.

  • The president is a figure head for the club

  • Not part of the committee, but may sit in and make comments

  • To act as Host at all official club events

  • To present awards, Trophies etc., at club Tournaments and Championships

  • To act as mediator in any dispute that involves any contravention or misunderstanding of the clubs constitution or rules. Usually takes over from Chairman for election of committee at General meetings

CHAIRMAN (voting role)

  • To preside over all committee meetings in a fair and impartial manner

  • To delegate duties and responsibilities to other officers or persons, as circumstances dictate

  • To represent and raise the profile of the club where possible

  • Time needed: 3-4 hours per month, plus extra time for AGM, events and committee meeting


  • The role of vice chairman will be as per constitution 8.8; elected at each meeting where the chair is not present, solely for the duration of the meeting, to undertake the duties and responsibilities of the Chairman.

TREASURER (voting role)

  • To monitor the financial activities of the club and keep full records

  • Produce a statement of accounts and an annual report detailing the clubs income and expenditure throughout the year at the AGM.

  • Payment of all costs incurred in the running of the club, e.g. Rates, Insurance, Ground rent etc.

  • Setting/Recommending to AGM membership fee's annually, to reflect the financial position of the club

  • Reconciling membership payments with membership secretary (annual fees, beginners courses, AGB fees)

  • Paying expenses to committee/members that purchase items on the clubs behalf

  • Time needed:  2-3 hours per month, plus extra time for AGM and committee meetings

  SECRETARY (voting role)

  • Liaising with the chairman to create the agenda for each monthly meeting.

  • Recording the minutes of committee meetings, including the AGM and any EGM.

  • Distributing the completed committee meeting minutes to all committee members.

  • Pdfing previous month minutes and sending them to the chairman to be uploaded onto the website.

  • Point of contact for Archery GB / HAA / SCAS and all other clubs.

  • Point of contact regarding any information requests from the public

  • Postal address of the club.

  • Liaising with Testbourne School in making bookings for Sports hall and Gymnasium

  • Organising social events such as booking food establishments

  • Organising fun shoots, buying prizes and goodies

  • Assisting the chairman in any matters in running the club.

  • Time needed: at least 4 - 5 hours per month


  • The membership officer helps new and existing members join, update and manage their details. They also help members understand what benefits are associated with membership (insurance, access to training, equipment etc) and how they can contribute to the club.

  • The club has a membership application called Membermojo that allows members to join the club and existing members to renew memberships and manage their details.

    • Responsible for accessing Membermojo to approve new member applications. 

    • Confirmation (with Treasurer) that membership payments have been received

  • Generally, the MO functions are fairly light, however, extra input occurs at the following times:

    • Towards the end of beginners courses when the MO explains about club rules, membership requirements, shooting times etc

    • Archery GB renewal, required for AGB competitions (30th September)

    • Issue new membership cards and notifying the members of the codes to the clubhouse.

  • Payment of affiliation feed for AGB joining or renewals and to the relevant governing bodies (HAA and Archery GB)

  • Time needed: 2-3 hours per month, plus extra time for AGM, committee meetings, renewal periods and around beginners courses


  • To monitor / keep a record of the clubs stock of all consumable Archery related items and equipment

  • To order replacement equipment as required, and before stocks run out, either through the Treasurer or directly with the suppliers.

  • To monitor condition of grounds, buildings and equipment and to ascertain if any maintenance is required.

  • Organise members in to work groups to carry out both general and specific maintenance tasks as required.

  • Time needed:  3 days per month, plus extra time for AGM and committee meeting


  • Enter and coordinate

    • Perris league + scores

    • BA postal league + score

    • SCAS league

    • November Challenge

    • Summer Metrics

  • Notify members of local competitions

    • Submit entries for competitions normally attended:

      • Berkshire indoors

      • Hampshire indoors/outdoors

      • Yateley

      • Alton & Four marks

  • Notify members of any other competitions of interest

  • Arrange monthly club shoots; Warwicks and Frostbites

  • Compile club record scores for websites




COMMITTEE MEMBER (advisory role)

  • Other committee members are welcome and provide useful input to the running of the club

  • Advise committee on all aspects of the club

  • Take on roles/activities as decided by the committee


  • To organise social events of a varied and interesting nature through-out the calendar year. Events can be proposed either by club members or by the social secretary.

  • To purchase refreshments (Food and beverages etc.) and utensils for club events including Have-a-go's



The following positions are not committee members, but carry out specific tasks as follows to ensure the smooth running of the club.



  • Taking bookings for beginner's courses and issuing information regarding the course and general information about the club

  • Collects beginner’s course fees

  • Sorts equipment prior to course.

  • Prepare manuals, attendance sheets, certificates

  • Organise coaching and hand beginner’s course over to course coaches

  • Takes requests for try the sport events

  • Gives quote, arranges persons to teach

  • Gathers appropriate equipment together

  • Email members about coaching (Progress coaching / Improvers)

  • Perform the induction process for new members to Laverstoke.

  • Time taken about 2 days a per beginner’s course



  • Produce a calendar of club tournaments for the coming year.

  • Complete any necessary paperwork to apply for tournaments, book judges

  • Arrange for course design and work parties

  • Select and purchase any required equipment, medals and trophies

  • Produce target lists

  • Act as or nominate a field captain during all events.

  • Work out results at end of events.

  • Produce results sheet for club records; publish

  • Submit records, award claims and official shoot report to AGB

  • Time needed:  3-5 days around competition time, with assistance from various working parties


  • “named person” for safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults

  • To follow the Archery GB Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People, and Vulnerable Adults

  • "to ensure peace of mind for adults, children, young people and vulnerable adults".


  • To maintain the club website and email/communication facilities

  • To ensure that the club domain is renewed when required

  • Time needed: 2 hours a month


  • To abide by the clubs constitution and the rules of shooting as laid down by Archery GB

  • To attend the regular maintenance days and assist in a manner suited to your abilities

  • To assist in maintaining and repairing club equipment, grounds and buildings

  • To attend, as and when possible, fund raising events that might be organised during the year

  • To have fun and shoot lots of arrows

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