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Watership down Open Competition

Each year we hold our Field Target Archery competition on the hills above the village of Kingsclere. The course is widely accepted as being one of the most challenging in the country. In 2017 we hosted both the Hampshire and English tournaments at this venue and in 2018 we hosted the All British Championships. You can enter this years competition on the Events page, which incorporates the SCAS Field Championships


External competitions

There are many competitions held in the local area by other clubs. A pretty comprehensive list of those that members might be interested in can be found in the spreadsheet to the right. Please talk to Richard Buckner if you want more information or have questions about entering a competition. External competition list (XLS). Field competitions list (TXT)


Monthly Portsmouth

Once a month we shoot a Portsmouth round under competition conditions - in order to enter the BA postal league. This consists of 60 arrows, shot in ends of 3 plus 2 ends of sighters shot at 20 yards onto a 60cm face. All club members welcome to enter. Note that casual shooting can still be done alongside the competition.


Monthly Frostbite

Once a month, we shoot a frostbite round under competition conditions - in order to enter the BA postal league. This consists of 36 arrows, plus sighters. It is shot at 30m with onto an 80cm face. All club members welcome. Shooting starts at 10:30am.



End of season/BBQ shoots

We shoot warwick rounds under competition conditions at the start and end of the outdoor season, usually with a BBQ!This consists of 2 dozen arrows at one distance and another 2 dozen at a slightly shorter one all at a 120 cm target face: Warwick: 60 & 50 yards- Short Warwick: 50 & 40 yards- Junior Warwick: 40 & 30 yards- Short junior Warwick: 30 & 20 yards .




Open Field Competition:

Winter Field Leagues

First Hampshire 3D championships, September 2020

3D championship results

All British & Open 2021, 2018

2021 All British & Open:  Trophy list, Veteran Results & Full Results

2018 All British & Open results

Club scores

Club scores can be found here

Older club scores

Club Portsmouth Scores



Club Frostbite Scores



Club Friendly


Club records

Can be found here

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