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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is extremely important to us. This policy explains what personal information we have, how we use it and how you can check and update any of your personal information. Data handling within the club adheres to the UK and Eurpoean GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “we” or “club” means Overton Black Arrows and other incorporated clubs as per our constitution.

Data that we collect

The data that we collect is used solely to operate the club and varies with the specific activities:

Beginners courses

We collect the following data in order to arrange and run the beginners courses:

  • Title, name, date of birth

  • email address, mobile number

  • Disability information, height, handedness

The data is used to:

  • Contact participants about course times, venues and any changes thereof

  • Ensure we can assemble the correct equipment and coaches for the course

  • Contact participants to offer club membership

    • Data held can be transferred to complete membership application

Once a courseis complete, we:

  • Keep statistics on our beginners course, after removing personal information

  • Hold over any applications that wish to attend the next course

  • Delete all other data


Membership data

We collect the following data for members:

  • Title, name, gender, date of birth

  • email address, mobile number

  • Bow type, AGB membership number

  • Opt-in permission for: member-member email list, Laverstoke & warren email lists

Membership data is held exclusively on membermojo, links for members can be found at the bottom of all web pages. Members can access and modify all data that is held there.

The data is used to:

  • Contact members on club matters, including:

    • Membership renewal

    • Venue and club session details and news

    • Social events

    • Archery related news, offers and information

  • Publish news about members and scores for tournaments on our website

    • Data will consist of:  Name, age category (inc. gender) and score details.

  • Supply the minimum necessary data to other Archery organisations, including:

    • Archery GB

    • Southern County Archery Society

    • Hampshire Archery Association

    • Club competition organisers

  • Supply necessary data to our insurance company

When a membership expires:

  • Data on the membership system is deleted 6 months after the expiry date

  • Data published to our website will remain in place


Tournament data

We collect the following information for tournament entrants:

  • AGB membership number

  • Name, title (gender), email address, phone numbers, address

  • Club name, county, region

  • Junior(Y/N), Peg, bow type

  • Details of those people taking photos

  • Details of those people who win (returnable) trophies

The data is used to:

  • Contact participants about the tournament

  • Create and publish a target list

  • Manage and run the tournament

  • Produce tournament results and shoot reports:

    • Data will include: Name, age category (inc. gender), club, county, country and score details.

      • These will be published to our website

      • Shoot reports will be offered to various publications; archery magazines, newspapers etc.

When the tournament is over, personal data is not required, so we:

  • Keep target list: Name, gender, age category and bow type

  • Keep results and shoot reports:  Name, gender, age category and bow type

  • Keep statistics, after removing personal information

  • Retain trophy holders list; or pass onto club/organisation who will deal with the next tournament 

  • Retain details of those people taking photos

  • Delete all other data


Website requests/enquiries:

When enquiring on our website, we collect the following data:

  • Name, email address, mobile number

  • Query

This data is used solely to contact you concerning your query and is not kept or used for any other purpose.

For all data privacy issues, please contact the chairman or secretary of the club through our contact page.

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