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March Update - Eventually

Apologies for the delay in sending this out, but better late than never, hopefully.

County Shoot

Richard Bucker and Ed Pockett travelled to Sittingbourne at the start of the month for an inter counties shoot and helped the Hampshire Team win the Barebow Category and come second in the Recurve Category, well done gents.

Winer Field League Finale

The Winter Field League traditionally concludes with a 12 target 3D course and 12 target Field course and this year was no exception.

OvBA archers took 3 of the top 4 spots around the 3D part of the course, Ed Pockett taking top spot, with 3 of the top 7 spots around the field part of the course going to OvBA archers, Ed Pocket once again finishing top of the OvBA archers in 3rd spot.

Overall OvBA took 4 of the top 8 spots when the two best 3D and two best field rounds were combined and adjusted for bow style.

Ed finishing second (top Barebow), Steve A finishing fourth (top Traditional), Angus finishing fifth, Rob A finishing sixth and Richard Buckner finishing 8th (top Recurve).

Seems Ed is the archer to beat at the moment!

We, or rather should I say - Tricia, Anne, Susie and others, were able to do a trial run of some new catering equipment and a new card payment machine (thanks Steve B), to see what else might be needed for putting on the catering and refreshments aspects of the All British Open Field Championship [ABO] at the end of May. Some cakes arrived courtesy of Anne, Rob C, Steve B, and possibly others (sorry it's been a while and I've slept since so I can't remember all those who brought cakes etc.), which all went down very well.

Thank you very much for your efforts to make, bake and bring them along, it really is very much appreciated.

If you want to help get things ready for the ABO at the end of May, please book a ticket to the event (click this link), entering your details in on the first dialogue window that opens up, then click next to go to the second dialogue window where you'll be able to tick just the dates where we need help that you can come along and help at, enter any additional comments and then click finish. Your name will be gratefully added to the list of helpers for our Tournament Organiser to contact as and when exact times and details of help are needed for the days you ticked.

Glamorgan Field Championships & Glyn Rudd Memorial 2024

Our Traditional Archers, Steve Allam and Angus Relf, travelled to Wales in the middle of the month to shoot at Pentreff and managed to take second and third respectively in the Traditional category in one of the early Field Competitions for 2024, well done gents, all good practice for the ABO at the end of May!

ABO First On Course Work Day

Thanks to all the volunteers, who helped out on Saturday the 23rd of March, especially to the non OvBA members who came along to help.

Many hands really do make light work, and to that end, the first day of setting out bosses for the ABO saw us get 24 targets in place, which means if we can do the same again on the second day of setting out bosses, we can concentrate on strimming, pruning back branches etc. to get the course as ready as possible for the last weekend in May when some final help on Friday the 24th of May would be very much appreciated, especially in the afternoon.

English Field Championships at Dearne Valley

Steve Allam travelled to Dearne Valley all on his little lonesome, but brought back Gold in the Traditional Category and so becomes the Traditional English Field Champion, well done Steve, all the work fiddling with and adjusting all the things you don't have on your bow is obviously paying off. Let's see how you do in the ABO at the end of May, can you adjust more things you don't have on your bow and become the Traditional British Field Champion?

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