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Club fees

Please note that the Join button below should only be used if you have completed one of our beginners courses. If you are an experienced archer and wish to join the club, please use our contact form to contact our head coach to arrange an assessment.


  • Trial Evening (2 hours): £20.00p

  • Beginners Course: £60.00p (4 - 6 week course, multiple coaches typically around 4 beginners per coach)

  • Ad Hoc Beginners Course: £75.00p (12 hours in total, one coach to a maximum of 3 beginners)

  • Adult annual membership: £100.00p

  • Junior/Student annual membership: £50.00p

  • Parent & Child annual membership: £130.00p

  • Additional children to Parent & Child: £30.00p

  • We do offer a 'Warren Only' membership, for experienced field archers from other clubs, please talk to a committee member

  • AGB, Regional & County fees (obtained through the club): See Note 10 below.

  • Visitors (from other clubs) : £5.00p per session for first three sessions then £3.00p thereafter: See Note 9 below.

  • Corporate Events: Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We use membermojo for managing membership details, please use the button below to complete a membership form:


  1. The club year starts on 1st January. Fees should be paid by the end of January unless otherwise agreed.

  2. Annual membership includes access to all club nights and to The Warren (subject to approval by the Committee).

  3. Junior membership ends when a member is 18 years old at the time of renewal.

  4. Student membership is available to full time students up to the age of 21 years old at the time of renewal.

  5. Parent and child membership is for one parent and a child both taking club membership. The Junior rate applies to children without a parent club member. Parent includes guardians or partners of parent who are able to take legal responsibility for the child.

  6. Parents must accompany Junior/Child members at all times.

  7. We regret that children under 10 years cannot be accepted for club membership or beginners courses. Exceptions to this may be considered by the committee but only after approval by the senior coach.

  8. New members will be charged pro-rata to the end of the club year.

  9. Visitors will be allowed a maximum of 6 visits per year and will only be allowed access to the Warren with the permission of the committee.

  10. The club has insurance with the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA), hence ArcheryGB or other national archery membership is not necessary for members or beginners shooting within the confines of the club (including indoor and outdoor ranges at Laverstoke/Testbourne and at The Warren in Kingsclere).  If members wish to shoot in competitions outside the club, or shoot at other clubs, then ArcheryGB (AGB), Regional and County membership fees of approx. £60.00p per year will become payable in addition to the above club membership fees. Juniors also need these memberships to compete in external competitions - currently this cost is born by the club, but the junior must request that this be applied for on their behalf. Please contact the Membership Secretary about AGB fees, as these are processed through the club.

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