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New Year Field Shoot

Being in tier 4 allowed us to venture up to the Warren for some field shooting - unfortunately limited to only those in our T4 area - so our Berkshire based members and guests were unable to come along, nor anyone further afield. Maurice kindly laid out a great course of 12 targets, 6 x 3D and 6 roundels. Only 16 archers were there, shooting in pairs or family groups. Weather was damp - a bit sleety, and about 2 degrees, but we all enjoyed ourselves!

Scores below are the raw scores, and then the bowstyle adjusted scores (see explanation below).

Actual scores:

Adjusted scores:


Basically produced by looking at field and 3D UK championships, and taking the top scores for each bowstyle - for instance for compound, in 2018 top score was 781 and in 2019 it was 820. Average of those two is 800, and max possible score is 864, which means they scores 93% of max score. So, if we add 7% to their score, then they score this for top scores for all bow types and you get a factor to add to bring all their scores up to 100%.

Still with me....? Now, add that factor to us lesser archers, and you can effectlively compare bowtypes, hence for our round, which has a max score of 306, for compound, we add 21, recurve 77, barebow 61, AFB 132, longbow 144.

Then, there is another factor for beginners on white peg, and juniors on blue, which is based on the ratio of the distances they are shooting versus those they "should" shoot....

Is it accurate....well...kinda not too bad I reckon, but its a bit of fun!

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