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July 2017 news

8th/9th July: Field Archery competition

We held our annual field shoot at the weekend, combined with both the Hampshire and English Field Archery Championships. The event was a great success and the club received many compliments - about the course itself and also about our catering, cakes, ice lollies - the lot!

Seventy-four archers attended, shooting a mixture of American flatbow, Barebow, Compound, Compound as Longbow, Longbow, Recurve and Tradtional. Five juniors shot the course - all girls - so Jodie, there is no excuse next year.

I think that the team can be incredibly proud of a successful event - we had about 12 members assisting this year, along with the Whitchurch scout groups (tea + cake) and Duncan brought in one of his workers to help cook the huge amount of food that was consumed over the two days. The only negative comment I heard was that, due to the colour of Duncan's trousers, it looked like he was not wearing any when seen from the top of the course 🙂

If you haven't yet shot at the Warren, or seen the field event, then make sure you do next year - it's your club's biggest event, and we should all see it in action! Mark took some fantastic photos; see the photo section.

We also had 5 members shoot this year, results as follows:

  1. In gents recurve:

    1. Richard came 5th overall and 2nd in Hampshire

    2. Steve only shot one day (Sunday) but on Sunday ranked 8th overall and 4th in Hampshire

  2. In Barebow:

    1. Bill came 10th overall and 1st in Hampshire

    2. David came 12th overall and 2nd in Hampshire

  3. In Compound:

    1. Eric came 13th overall and 3rd in Hampshire

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