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May Update


May saw the club hold it's AGM with many of the existing club officers and committee continuing in their existing roles, with one exception. Hannah Callier has stepped down from her role as Membership Secretary, thank you for your time and help in this role, the club greatly appreciates your help in looking after the membership during your time as Membership Secretary. Hannah is staying on as an associate member of the Committee as we really do want to continue having input from ladies in the club.

Steve White has stepped into the Membership Secretary role and will be supported by Hannah as he finds his feet.

Other club officers and helpers:

Peter Turner continues as President & Head of Coaching.

Paul Williams continues as Chairman.

Rob Aldridge continues as Secretary.

Steve Baker continues as Treasurer.

Eric Dunlop continues as Equipment & Safeguarding.

Richard Buckner continuers as Competitions & Records.

Steve Allam continues as Tournament Organiser.

Terry Edwards continues as an associate committee member.

Tricia Crawley continues as an associate committee member.

If you're interested in helping the club in any way, please to speak to any of the people listed above, we really will be grateful of any help offered.

Maybe you can join the small maintenance group who will be trying to re-pack bosses and apply some wood treatment/preservative to the bosses at Lavertsoke on an on-going basis.

Maybe you have an idea you think could improve things for the members, if so, please to speak to any of the people listed above, we're always interested in hearing ideas from members on how we might be able to make things even better.

Waterside Shoot

Richard Buckner travelled to Waterside Archers early in the month and came in 10th in a tough field in an early outdoor season event.

The UK 3D Championships

Taking place at Deer Park Archery Club near Cheltenham, seven OvBA Full Members contended for the medals and at least two of our Warren Only members took part.

Ed Pockett took Bronze in Barebow, hot on the heels of Ollie Hicks (Warren Only member) who took Silver with his brother Finlay Hicks in 20th.

Rob Aldridge came 9th in Barebow.

Stephen Baker came 17th in Compound.

Steve Allam took Silver in Trad.

Angus Relf came 4th in Trad.

Richard Buckner took Bronze in Recurve.

Ian Edwards took Gold in AFB.

Well done to all of you, another good showing from OvBA archers.

The All British & Open Field Championships

OvBA hosted the biggest and most prestigious Field Tournament of the year using all areas of our Field Venue; The Warren, The Woods and The Coombe.

Possibly the largest ever field of archers ever (certainly in recent years), for the ABO, shot their way around a very challenging course, thanks Susie & Maurice!

In Recurve;

Richard Buckner came in 11th overall and took Bronze in the 50+ category.

Paul Williams came in 23rd, with an equipment failure on the 4th from last target so missed out on the points he might have got on those, but he exceeded his expectations by not coming last and was a whole 90points and several places above that position.

In Compound;

Steve Baker came in 27th, again exceeding his expectations of not being last and was a whopping 194points and several places above the last archer shooting both days, three compounders didn't even come back on Sunday!

In Barebow;

Ollie Hicks (Warren Only member) took Gold.

Ed Pocket finished 4th which, given the field, was a very respectable finish.

Rob Aldridge finished 11th.

In Traditional;

Steve Allam took Gold overall and Gold in the 50+ category.

Angus Relf took Silver overall and Gold in the 50+ category.

In Asiatic;

David Mahers took Gold.

Congratulations to all who entered and a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the event possible, be it; setting and setting up the course, re-banding bosses, making new bosses, putting up tents, putting out the target faces, making a cake, sorting merchandise, doing the the catering, running the auction, helping at registration, course setting, making and printing signs, organising the car parking, and the list goes on, and on, and I'm bound to have missed numerous things people have helped with, so I'll repeat a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you.

It's now time to have a 'slight' rest while I get my limbs replaced after one of them broke!

Although it did allow for an interesting picture of The Warren ...

See you soon.

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