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June Summary

Angus Strikes Gold

The very next weekend after the ABO, Merlin Field Archers ran a WA24 marked distance field shoot, and our very own Angus Relf went along and proceeded to take Gold in the Traditional category, congratulations Angus.

Maintenance Team up and running

Some of our members have agreed to get together as a group and take on some of the maintenance tasks at Laverstoke from time to time, thank you gentlemen.

So far, they have made a start in repacking some of the bosses and applying some wood preservative treatment so some of them as well.

With the huge effort by many members to prepare for and help run the ABO last month, preparations starting way back in March, or even earlier, it wasn't possible to arrange a Spring Maintenance Morning at the Laverstoke Range, so several members have agreed to help out as and when they can in order to carry out repacking and general maintenance of the bosses, and maybe some other general bits and pieces of maintenance that are required.

If you feel you may be able to help for an hour or two here or there, please let the Chairman or Secretary know and we'll have a chat and look about adding you to the WhatApp group so you can join in with arranging maintenance sessions with others in the group.

A Big Thank You to all who have been helping out, it is much appreciated.

Ballands 3D Event

Our regular Traditional archers Steve Allam and Angus Relf travelled to Ballands Bowmen to shoot in a two day 3D event and managed to walk off with Gold and Silver in the Traditional category, congratulations gents.

Summer Reminders and Events

Some reminders for all, with the warming weather and the glimpse of Summer we got in June, don't forget your sun lotion when you're shooting.

Similarly, if you're shooting in the heat, don't forget to stay hydrated.

Please do look out for an email from our Club Secretary as we're looking to hold at least one informal members competitive shoot at Laverstoke, with a BBQ to follow, this will be a ticketed event so we can get an idea of numbers for the catering, plus so we know how many bosses to set at various distances for those who would like to come along.

July Watership Down Field Competition

Our UK Record Status Field Competition takes place in The Warren and The Woods in July, the 96 available tickets are virtually all sold, just two remain at the time of writing this. So, if you're thinking of entering please do so quickly.

The event is the Hampshire Archery Association (HAA) and Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) Field Championships and will be attended by some top class archers, including International and Olympic archers pitting their skills against our infamous Field Archery venue.

As ever, we're looking for as many volunteers as possible to help in the run up to this event as well as during the event itself, so if you are available to help out, even for just two or three hours, especially on the 13th and 14th of July, please do speak with Steve Allam.

Even if you don't shoot in the main event, you should be able to take a shot at trying to hit 'Phil' our friendly Minion who is set to make another appearance somewhere in the Warren.

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