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All British Field Target Archery Championships

Quite a lot to say about this one...

The club can be exceptionally proud of the event that we hosted this weekend. In total we had 140 archers, 7 judges, 17 club members and of course our caterers, sponsors and spectators - so around 200 people.

We have been planning the event since February, since agreeing to host it in November last year. Many people have helped to plan and build the course and prepare the venue and then provide support on the day:

  1. Peter, Maurice, Jo, Steve, Geoff, Ian, Kosila, Mark, Susie, John, Rob C, Rob A, Peter, Gary, Terry, Alex, Bill, Richard, Brian, Gerald, Hazel...sorry if I missed anyone...!

We had a fantastic team of judges:

  1. Tony Tideswell (head judge), Paul, Lee, Tony, Pam, Chris, Richard


- Jo and I started at 4pm, and then a team of 7 appeared to put up the large Marquee in torrential rain. We finished around 8pm, then some had further work to do, finishing much later


- We needed to get the course ready for the judges, work started at 9:30am and again worked through to 7pm..with more paperwork to do afterwards. Gotta thank Ian for lugging 24 nappies up the hill..


- Faces were up early, with Gerald, Mark and others up on the hills early, putting faces on and doing last minute course changes (a tree fell in the woods....)


- Again an early start, Mark and John, putting faces on. The medal ceremony was around 4pm, and we spent the next 4 hours taking everything down. At this point, the team were knackered....and the flippin chairman told them it would be great if we could get the tents down....and we did.


- Steve, Susie, Mark, Jo, Ian, Kosila, Richard, Peter returned to take all the faces, pins, signs and flags down, and moved around 12 bosses into the woods.

The team on the two days were exceptional - in particular Jo - who took over from me, as I was shooting. I have had numerous compliments for the club on how the competition was run, and the same from competitors who had enjoyed the event.

We will be writing a shoot report, and Mark has taken many photos which we will share.

Next....I'll tell you how the club members did!

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