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Winter Field League

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Spot the difference....

March saw the last session of our Winter field league. The event has proved popular with ever increasing numbers as the winter went on. Starting with 20 hardy archers in November and building to 36 people (our pre-set limit) in February and March. Overall, 60 different archers have visited - 28 from Overton Black Arrows and the rest from all around the region; other AGB clubs, unaffiliated clubs and NFAS archers as well.

The weather has been a bit dodgy at times - the February session was flippin cold and very windy - but we all enjoyed ourselves immensly (what a mad bunch we must be!)

The purpose of the league was simply to get people shooting but with some 'gentle' competition. There were seven different bowstyles, ages ranged from 9 to 70 - so we have used a 'handicap system' that compared bowstyles based on the scores needed to achieve a GMB score and some adjustments for beginners shooting different pegs.

This gives an 'adjusted score' for each archer - when these are added up, there is an overall winner - clearly those that shot all the events are in the running.

The top TEN:

In each discipline, we had planned to take peoples best 2 scores and come up with winners in Field and 3D. These are:


  1. Ollie Hicks

  2. Dan Hawley

  3. Richard Buckner

  4. Tim Woolcott

  5. Kevin Cassidy

  6. Steve Allam

  7. Steve Baker

  8. Richard Heathcote

  9. Bill Jones

  10. Brendon McAllum


  1. Denise field

  2. Oliver Hicks

  3. Tim Woolcott

  4. Richard Buckner

  5. Anna Catling

  6. Jason Budden

  7. Steve Allam

  8. Richard Heathcote

  9. Brendon McAllum

  10. Steve Baker

The whole sheet of scores can be found on a link below, so you can check out your scores for each session.

We also have some fantastic pictures, taken by Jodie Buckner, on our photos page (and on Google drive)

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