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Watership down Open 2018

This years Open competition was attended by 77 archers. Temperatures soared to well over 30 degrees, with the heat trapped in the bowl of the Warren. The woods were not available this year so shade was scarce, leaving archers huddling around the course in the small patches of shade they could find - but this didn’t stop the good humour and good shooting. The “Turner downhill challenge” was introduced on the 60m steep downhill shot – and three archers exceeded the current records: Alex Newnes (AFB) scored 13, Eleanor Piper (recurve) scored 16 and Malcom Rees (Compound UL) scored the maximum 18!

Lord Paramount William Hastings-Bass, the 17th Earl of Huntingdon gave a short speech and presented the competition medals and the awards for the Turner downhill challenge. The shoot was visited by Mike Bushell and crew from the BBC to film a piece on the sport of field archery.

Thanks to the Overton Team for making the event such a great success.

Full results can be found on the Events page.

Gents American Flat Bow:

  1. 1st; Alex Newnes (Aber Archers)

Ladies American Flat Bow:

  1. 1st; Janine Richter (Fort Purbrook)

Gents Barebow:

  1. 1st; Mel Rawlings (Archery GB)

  2. 2nd; James Annall (Bath Archers)

  3. 3rd; Jeff Williams (Pentref Bowmen)

Ladies Barebow:

  1. 1st; Victoria Williams (RSM Archers)

Junior Ladies U18 Barebow:

  1. 1st; Phoebe Rose (Mere Archers)

Junior Ladies U15 Barebow:

  1. 1st; Amelia Thomas (Pentref Dragons)

Gents Compound Barebow:

  1. 1st; Simon Price (RSM Archers)

Junior Ladies U18 Compound Barebow:

  1. 1st; Menna Williams (Pentref Bowmen)

Gents Compound Unlimited:

  1. 1st; Erik Persson (Stockholm, Sweden)

  2. 2nd; Malcom Rees (Guildford AC)

  3. 3rd; Chris Horan (Ashford Archers)

Ladies Compound Unlimited:

  1. 1st; Cecile Midrouillet (Ashford Archers)

Gents Longbow:

  1. 1st; Daniel Hawley (Fort Purbrook)

  2. 2nd; Rob Twigg (Exmouth Archers)

Ladies Longbow:

  1. 1st; Beth Duthie (Aber Archers)

Gents Recurve:

  1. 1st; Tom Hall (University of Warwick)

  2. 2nd; Chris Baigent (Waterside Archers)

  3. 3rd; John Hartfield (The Howard Bowmen)

Ladies Recurve:

  1. 1st; Bryony Pitman (Worthing AC)

  2. 2nd; Eleanor Piper (Woking AC)

Junior Gents U18 Recurve:

  1. 1st; Joe Fairburn (Wharfe Valley Archers)

  2. 2nd; Alex Wise (Bowmen of Walker)

  3. 3rd; Alex Allam (Overton Black Arrows)

Junior Ladies U12 Recurve:

  1. 1st; Freya McCallum (Fort Purbrook)

Gents Traditional:

  1. 1st; Ceri Thomas (Pentref Bowmen)

Ladies Traditional:

  1. 1st; Ruth Breeze (New Century Bowmen)

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