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September UK Record Status Field Tournament

On the 5th September, Overton Black Arrows held the first UK record status field archery event since Archery restarted in June, after the easing of lockdown measures. Following the success of their July competition, the Black Arrows decided to hold a further event as many other clubs were unable to hold competitions during the summer.

Once again, competitors were grateful to be back out shooting, and the 60 archers that attended included many members of the British Field Archery teams and some of our Olympic archers.

The course differed from the competition in July and all archers would agree that it was harder; the woods could not be used due to young pheasants, and a new slope was brought into use which made the course both challenging to shoot and hard work on the feet. This did not stop the smiles at the end of the event!

Winners in each category are as follows:

Recurve Ladies: 335 – Bryony Pitman (Worthing AC) Gents: 340 - Patrick Huston (East Belfast AC) Junior Gents (U12): 137 – Tom Hawley (Fort Purbrook co of Bowmen) Junior Ladies (U15): 208 – Freya McCallum (Fort Purbrook co of Bowmen)

Compound Unlimited Ladies: 392 – Ella Gibson (Deer Park Archers) Gents: 404 – Chris White (Meriden)

Compound Barebow Gents: 302 – Simon Price (RSM Archers)

Barebow Ladies: 279 – Victoria Williams (RSM Archers) Gents: 321 – James Annall (Bath Archers) Junior Ladies (U18): 205 – Phoebe Rose (Mere Archers)

Instinctive Junior Ladies (U12): 115 – Katy Hawley (Fort Purbrook co of Bowmen)

Flatbow Gents: 174 – Phil White (Fort Purbrook co of Bowmen) Ladies: 72 – Sophie Twigg (Exmouth Archers)


Gents:149 – Dan Hawley (Fort Purbrook co of Bowmen)

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