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Oops, no news for a while

No news generally means we've all been busy.

September saw a number of members competing, including:

  1. Steve Baker getting very wet at the Waterside HAA champs, where he shot a FITA 1440. He didn't win, but was almost the last man standing the the terrible conditions and came 7th

  1. David, Steve A, Alex, Steve B, James and Hannah competed at the Alton & Fourmarks Windsor shoot, and came back with a few medals:

    1. Steve B was 2nd in Gents compound

    2. Steve, James, Hannah won bronze in the family competition

    3. Alex was 3rd in Gents Recurve

    4. Steve and Alex bronze in gents recurve

    5. David arguably did the best by winning Wine, chocolates and sweets in the raffle.

  2. Richard competed at Swindon and narrowly missed his 3rd master Bowman score

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