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News from 2015/2016

We've moved the News page onto a blog, so please read this post for all the news from 2015/2016!

End of 2016! - with cake!

On the 31st December we shot the first Blackpool round - hence this was effectively the 2016 world championships for this round..... 🙂

13 entrants appeared along with 3 cakes, mince pies and chocolates - other members will be pleased to hear that we will of course save any spare cake and distribute it at next years shoot (31/12/2017).


World champion, U14 ladies, mini Blackpool with a score of 226: Jodie World champion, U14 gents, mini Blackpool with a score of 139: Oscar

World champion, U16 gents, mini Blackpool with a score of 242: James

World champion, U18 gents, mini Blackpool with a score of 288: Alex

World champion, Senior Recurve Blackpool with a score of 231: Anthony

World champion, Senior Barebow, Blackpool with a score of 118: Brian

World champion, Compound, Blackpool with a score of 311?: Steve Baker, with Dave as runner up

World champion, Senior Recurve, Blackpool with a score of 325: Richard, followed by:

&nbsp; - Mark, 295<br>

Thanks to everyone that turned up - the weather was kind to us, and Jo's firepit helped....looking forward to 2017!


Christmas Frostbite & shoot - 3rd

Fifteen members shot our monthy Frostbite today. This is a record! Well done to all, the three best scores will go into the postal league; Richard 314, Steve 296 and Mike 288. Amongst the recurves, Brian shot barebow, Eric Longbow and Dave has finally found some Compound friends in Steve B and James! (See pics)

Afterwards around 35 members descended on the Beech Arms and had a great Christmas meal - thanks to Peter for organising this!


Target Archery National Rankings 2016

Richard Buckner has been ranked 77th! nationally and 7th in Hampshire.

Berkshire open tournament - 20th

11 members shot at the Berkshire open tournament today - results are in:

  1. Alex won GOLD in the U18 Gents recurve (visitors) category

  2. James was 3rd, Luke 4th in the U16 Gents recurve (visitors) category

  3. Jodie was 6th in the U14 Ladies recurve (visitors) category

  4. Richard won SILVER in the Gents recurve (visitors) category, and was 5th overall in that category

  5. Rob was 13th, Steve 15th, Mark 17th, Mike 20th (out of 21 visitors) in Gents recurve

  6. Dave was 5th in Gents compound

  7. Tim was 6th in Gents barebow

There were no team competitions for visitors, but if there had been I think we would have been placed in a couple of categories!

Perris leagure results

After October, our Juniros were placed 3rd out of 8 in division 4 but were soundly beaten by the top team in our league (looks like they are all from the same family!). Overall we were 17th out of 48 (although a couple didn’t shoot), so a fairly good start for our juniors.

Burleigh "B" (603) beat Selby "B" (532) by 71 points Burleigh "B" Emelia Belshaw - 226; Louis Jelleyman - 196; Ethan Bromley - 181 Selby "B" Charlotte Fildes - 201; Adam Leutiviticus - 173; Hattie Gorman – 158

Blandy Jenkins (830) beat Overton Black Arrows (699) by 131 points Blandy Jenkins Jakob Barrett-Rees - 290; Finnlay Barrett-Rees - 287; Grace Barrett-Rees - 253 Overton Black Arrows Alex Allam - 255; Luke Aldridge - 239; James Davies - 205

Six Towns "B" (492) beat Deben "B" (464) by 28 points Six Towns "B" Nicole Latos - 177; Riley Smith - 166; Natasha Williams - 149 Deben "B" Molly Ives - 165; Harrison Giles - 164; Charlie Bedford (BB) - 135

Rayleigh Town "C " (761) beat Trackside (675) by 86 points Rayleigh Town "C" Grace Tedore - 260; Lilly Duffin - 251; Lyndsey Hall - 250 Trackside Stephen O'Connor - 250; Matthew Waite - 217; Joseph Andrew-Cifire - 208

First Frostbite - 5th

Seven members shot the first frostbite of the season on Saturday - about 9 degrees, no frost to be seen.... scores can be found on the events page!


End of season shoot and BBQ

15 members shot varied Warwick rounds and ate 30 burgers....They had some help from friends and family with the burgers. Of course Richard won the shoot, but with so many distances and bow types in use, I'm sure that we are all winners in the end. Once we have collected handicap data, we'll calculate who *really* won - and it might not be Richard. Of note - Oscar won the best gold prize and Steve managed to Robin Hood one of his own arrows, breaking two Carbon arrows in one shot! Not to be recommended.

Scores for the event can be found on the club events page


Alton & Four Marks shoot - 25th

Eleven members braved the slight winds and light rain at the 40th Alton & Four Marks shoot. We had a great day, and came back with an amazing haul of medals and trophies. In no particular order:

  1. Paul won the U14 category (his first competition) - 704 (SJW), Mason came 4th (386)

  2. Luke won the U16 category - 693 (JW)

  3. Tim won the barebow category (his first competition) - 477 (W)

  4. Lee won the longbow category (hist first competition) - 288 (W)

  5. Mark came 3rd (786) in the recurve category, Steve was 4th (783), Rob 5th (746), Mike 7th (737)

  6. Mark, Steve & Rob won the team trophy (2315)

  7. Rob and Luke won the Father & son category (1439), Steve & Alex came second (1388)

  8. Rob, Luke, Tim won the family category (1918)

  9. Steve won the gold colour prize

  10. Mark won the red colour prize AND the best gold

If I missed any, I apologise!


AC Delco memorial shoot - 14th

Five went to get sunburnt on a hill outside Eastleigh on Sunday. All except Jodie shot Western rounds (which are 4 dozen at 60yds and 4 dozen at 50yds). Richard won the men's recurve class, with Steve in 8th and Mike in 15th place (out of 29). Jodie won her (U12) class and Alex came second in the U18 class (his 16th birthday was a week before, so he moved up a class - poor lad!)


252 Saturday - 24th

Last Saturday seemed to be a 252 badge day, with: - Alex claiming a 252 at 40 yards - Mike claiming a 252 at 60 yards - Richard claiming a 252 at 100 yards - yes - really - 100 yards with a score of 256

Bombay shoot - 21st

21 staff from the Bombay Sapphire staff came over the road to "try the sport", which was enjoyed by all, including the food that they brought along, and a scoring competition at the end of the night.

Watership down shoot - results and comments

The results for the shoot can be found here. We also had some nice feedback from a couple of people:

  1. "Overton [the Warren, Kingsclere] is an amazing venue!! What a pleasure to shoot with good people on a great course... Really looking forward to tomorrow.."

  2. "What an amazing setting. You were all so friendly, welcoming and helpful. It was a tough but really enjoyable time. I learnt a lot from my group who were all really great to be with, lots of great memories and fun moments. Roll on next year"

Watership down shoot

Both days of our shoot saw between 55 and 60 archers ranging over the Warren and woods shooting at 24 targets of various sizes and distances. Saturday was fine, but a touch breezy and Sunday brought some rain in the morning and then sunshine. All weathers saw smiling archers and we once again had many comments about the magnificent scenery and fantastic course.

Thanks to all helpers for making the shoot a success, to Geoff for his organisation and math skills, Apollo Archers for the catering and in particular thanks to Peter for the number of hours he personally put into this event. Results will be posted on the web site soon, please take a look at the photo gallery for some pictures taken in the Saturday.


Yateley shoot - 26th - OvBA take the day!!

10 members entered into the Yateley shoot on Sunday. Of the five classes that the club entered, we won them ALL. We also came away with the team medal and Richard won the fun shoot at the end of the day as well! The only thing we didn't win was the raffle! Gents recurve Windsor - Won by Richard Bucker (score of 916) (2nd after Huw Jones score changed) Ladies recurve Windsor - Won by Jo Bevis (score of 838) Compound Windsor - Won by Dave Roseman (score of 880) U16 Short Windsor - Won by Luke (score of 775), with Alex second (score of 756) U12 Junior Windsor - Won by Jodie (score of 632) Team competition - Won by Richard, Jo, Rob, Luke (score of 3349, versus Reading 3272, Yateley 3035) Fun competition - Won by Richard, (Jo was second in the Ladies) Mark (score of 736), Steve (score of 751) & Terry (score of 755) sadly did not win any medals, but I'm not sure there were many left!

BBQ - 22nd

The Wednesday BBQ was well received by members - we cooked and ate 40 burgers in total eaten by the 25-30 members that attended. Shooting was not too interrupted and Terry shot a good score of 288 for a 60 yard 252 - so clearly burgers are good for scores... Thanks to Brian for helping at the hot end of the BBQ and all those that helped supply food and equipment. Thanks also to all those that bought burgers - we all agreed that the butcher burgers were very tasty, and we were left with 30 quid for club funds.

GNAM - grand national archery meeting

Established in York in 1844, the Grand National Archery Meeting is one of British Archery's most historic events and is now shot over three days at Lilleshall. Our president Peter is attending and shooting this year.


The Ginkhana "try the sport" was a great success with about 40 people having a go. Peter, Mike, Eric and Brian did a sterling job - with Mark and Steve arriving to help with the last mad rush - just as we packed up, there was announcement that people should we unpacked up and continued for another 30 mins. An update from Laverstoke - the day made £1241 towards the new playground equipment which has been match funded to a total of £2482.

Big Archery weekend

10 members shot Warwicks and Nationals in the morning,- 3 longbows, 1 compound, 1 barebow and the rest recurves - a good mix. After tea and cake (yes - competitions sometimes come with cake...) a few people started arriving for the try out session. Throughout the day we had a good amount of interest, and some enquiries about the next beginners course. There are a couple of nice pictures of Peter shooting a longbow that day - check out the one with the arrow still in flight!


First 252 badge!

Congratulations to Rob for claiming the first 252 badge at 60 yards!

22nd - Victory in the OnTarget competition!

err....but not for us. The Overton team turned up to find appalling conditions; the grass was green, the sky was blue and the competing team were, well, rather friendly. However, they cruelly made us shoot slightly uphill, against all our Laverstoke training. Our team: Richard & Jo (Recurve) Dave & Steve (Compound - kinda..) Andover won a resounding victory, 14 points to our 7, but the competition was actually pretty close. There were three rounds: - Team: Andover 754 - Overton 751 - Pairs: Chris & Abbie 417 - Richard & Jo 364 -- Simon & Vickie 414 - Steve & Dave 385 - Individual: Chris 201 - Richard 198, Abbie 185 - Jo 181, Vicky 195 - Dave 189, Simon 209 - Steve 151 So.....with 4 more points in the Team round, and only 16 more points across the individual rounds, Overton could have won the day!....but, we didn't... - well done Andover! Good luck in the next round!

9th - Watership Down tournament tickets available!

Tickets can be purchased for our annual tournament here: Watership Down tournament tickets

6th/7th - Curry night and Warwick

All enjoyed the curry night on Friday, hopefully not the last. A few members turned up for the monthly Warwick round on Saturday and were joined at Laverstoke by some archers from Old Basing. Results are on the club events page.

May Day - Whitchurch "try the sport"

Eric ran a very successful "have a go" as part of the May Day celebration at the Whitchurch Silk Mill , organised as an event supporting the Whitchurch Community Association. Thanks to Mike Humphries for his valuable help with the coaching. We made £44 for the community funds.


24th - Oakley sports weekend "try the sport"

Steve, Peter, Richard, Mike and Mark all helped in the try the sport event. We had about 40 kids and parents alike come and try the sport, and a few asked after beginners courses. It was a bit cold on the day, but our stand was well attended. Thanks to all who helped.

23rd - Old Basing St George shoot

Eight members shot at the Old Basing St George shoot on Saturday, and FOUR first places and TWO second places were achieved! - Jodie won the Junior Windsor (recurve) category - Alex won the Short Windsor (recurve) category - Jo won the Ladies Windsor (recurve) category - Mike won the Gents Windsor (recurve) category - Richard came second in the St George (recurve) category - Mark came second in the Gents Windsor (recurve) category - Terry 3rd, Steve 4th in Gents Windsor (recurve) category - Dave was 5th in the St George (compound) category

17th - New coach

Mike Humphries passed his level one coaching assessment this weekend, and has also rejoined the committee.

16th - Silver for Peter!

Peter Turner was awarded a Silver Plaquette by ArcheryGB for recognition of his work as a field and target national judge. Read more here. ​Photo courtesy of John Percival

Perris Junior league match

Our team scored 666 and beat Selby "B" team, who scored 409. Individual scores for our side were: Alex 243, Luke 218, Andrea 205. Our team finished in 3rd place in their division, and 23rd out of 43 recurve teams. Individual places: Under 18 (out of 53) - David Allen - 35th Under 16 (out of 66) - Alex Allam - 22nd - Luke Aldridge - 33rd - James Davies - 40th - Andrea Thorn - 41st - Imogen Woodford - 42nd Under 12 (out of 22) - Jodie Buckner - 13th

2nd - First Warwick shoot

After moving practically every target on the field, we had members shooting a Warwick round (60, 50, 40 yards), some a short Warwick (50, 40, 30 yards), some a junior Warwick (40, 30, 20 yards) and some a Frostbite. Luke won in the Longbow category, Jodie in the Junior Warwick, Rob and Alexander tussled with the short Warwick (8 points between them), Dave took the compound Warwick and Richard the recurve. Scores to come.

1st - Ontarget trials

Dave, Richard, Jo, Eric, Steve and Mark shot 3 dozen arrows in the general direction of a 50m target to see who might be part of the team against Romsey. The Team will be announced once we hear back from Romsey and set a date. ​ - Update - Romsey have withdrawn, so we will go through to the next round by default.


26th - Apollo Archers try out day

Eric, Lee and Steve attended a field archery trial day at the Warren, hosted by Apollo Archers. The event was well attended, starting with Bacon butties, and moving on to 'kill' all sorts of plastic animals, from hares to bears. Lee and Steve caused much amusement for the regulars by constant discussion of sight marks, which of course is not allowed.....Anyway when all added up, Lee scored 240, Steve 232.

19th - Sports relief weekend

We were pleased to take part in the Laverstoke clean up, and much of it was burned on our bonfire, which Les had started burning on the previous Monday; the wind being in the right direction, and the pile having dried out from past soakings. We also had a workday and progress was made on the fence. It was sports relief weekend, and we made £25 by selling drinks, cakes & various nibbles.

14th March

We received a letter from Kit Malthouse (our MP) congratulating the club on our achievements and the commitment and training we have been putting in. We will post a copy of the letter in the clubhouse.

January challenge results

The January challenge results are in, and can be found here. - In the beginners section there were 291 entries: Rob Aldridge: 504 (72nd), John Gay: 500 (82nd), Lee Monteith 482 (115th), Luke Aldridge (Junior): 446 (168th) - Gents recurve section there were 559 entries: Richard Buckner: 575 (24th), Steve Allam: 525 (264th), Alex Allam (Junior) 499 (372nd) - Ladies recurve section there were 223 entries: Jodie Buckner (Junior) 381 (205th) - Gents Longbow section, Bill Jones came 23rd out of 122 - Gents barebow - beginners - Brian Biles came 36th out of 48 - Gents barebow - Bill Jones came 7th out of 101

Monthly Portsmouth scores

A win for Richard this time with a score of 570! However, snapping at his heals were Jo (549) and Mark (547). Luke came in as top junior with a score of 446. In all ten people took part.

Perris Junior League match

Sadly, our junior team lost against Crieff this time by 28 points Crieff - 684 Overton - 656 Crieff: Emma Borrie - 268; Lewis Walker - 219; Niall Dundee - 197 OvBA: Alex Allam - 234; David Allen - 213; Luke Aldridge - 209

November challenge results

Scores from our Juniors were put forward for the November challenge,- the results are as follows, more can be found here. - Alex 24th of 51 under 16 male recurve (score 254) - Luke 25th of 46 under 14 male recurve (score 243) - Imogen 19th of 32 under 16 female recurve (score 244) - Jodie 11th of 37 under 12 female recurve (score 254)

Frostbite 5th

No fingers or toes were lost to the weather this week, but it was flippin cold with plenty of wind and threatening sleet. Six members were brave (meaning daft) enough to shoot - a suggestion was to do it in ends of 12 arrows to speed up the process, but alas we stuck to six ends of six. Scores can be seen on the events page.


The Warren 21st

A few members met up to shoot at the Warren. The weather was damp, but not cold and it brightened enough to shoot a few rounds, uphill and down. This was the first time shooting outdoors for some members, and all enjoyed the morning, only one arrow lost! See the photos page for some of Mark's pictures.

Portsmouth 17th

A fair number of people attended the first club Portsmouth. Scores will be compiled and posted here soon. Jodie and Richard were awarded their trophies from the HAA shoot.

Frostbite 6th and 14th

Mike and Dave turned up and shot a very wet and windy frostbite on the 6th, then Mark, Lee, Richard, Steve, Jodie and Alexander turned up on the 14th - not wet and windy, but flippin' freezing! Scores can be found on the events page!

HAA shoot - 7th

Seven members attended the Hampshire shoot: Richard, Mark, Steve, Terry, Bill, Jodie and Alex.

  1. Jodie WON in the under 12 Junior Lady recurve class

  2. Alexander WON in the under 16th Junior Gents recurve class

  3. Richard Buckner achieved 3rd place in Gents recurve

  4. Steve came 17th, Mark 26th and Terry 29th in Gents recurve (out of 41)

2015 Ironman results

Richard Buckner scored 771 in the 2015 IRONMAN challenge, competition shot simultaneously at multiple locations in the UK. It consists of 7 dozen arrows shot outside at an 80cm target at 30m. Richard came 2nd in the 'recurve freestyle' class, which had 97 entrants. Well done Richard!!


Another win in the Perris Junior League

Our juniors have won our latest match in the Perris Junior League division 5. Despite them misreading the result I sent in, we scored 711 not 771 and beat Rochdale 'B' who scored 591. More details can be found here.

GOLD for Peter !! - 16th

At the SCAS Council Meeting on the 16th January it was voted that Peter Turner should be awarded a SCAS Gold Plaquette. This is the highest award that SCAS can give and is in recognition of the hard work Peter has and still does for Target, Field, 3D and Flight shooting, both in organising Field shoots (including being the SCAS Field Tournament organiser for many years) and also judging them.

Frostbite - 9th

A trickle of members appeared today for the frostbite - the weather looked decidedly dodgy. We had a bit of a late start, but the rain stopped just as we started sighters and the left to right wind dropped for the last dozen. In all the weather was pleasant and we all enjoyed the shoot and the chat over coffee afterwards.

Frostbite/Foot-rot - 2nd

The club frostbite was cancelled due to lack of frost. A lonely Richard braved the downpour to shoot at 70m that day. Onlookers described him as "adding more waterproof layers" half way through his shoot.

December 2015

Christmas fun shoot - 16th

The hall was packed for the Christmas fun shoot. Balloons, Bears, Wolves, dartboards, milk cartons crackers and party poppers were a few of the things to shoot at, when we weren't eating mince pies.

Christmas meal - 5th

24 members met at the Beech Arms for a cracking Christmas lunch. Many plates seemed to be over-full and this will result in slower arrow collections next year I'm sure. Richard Buckner was awarded the Presidents medal!

Frostbite - 5th

Nine members braved the windy weather to shoot the first monthly Frostbite in the morning. Richard still managed to shoot 336, followed by Mark Davies with 286 and Mike Bone on 283. Junior U16: Alexander and James scored 166 and 143. Junior U12: Jodie scored 100.

Archery GB rankings

Archery GB released its Field Archery Rankings for 2015. William (Bill) Jones who shoots Bare bow [that is without sights or other attachments to the bow], is ranked 13th in the UK. Well done Bill!

November 2015

Perris Junior League match

Our junior team beat Burleigh "B" (633 - 335) this month!! Jodie - 221, Alex - 211, Imogen - 201

British Bare bow Indoor Championships - 29th

Bill Jones came 18th in the UK and 7th in England. There were over 200 entries in this year's event.

Berkshire Open Tournament - 15th

Four members attended. Richard Buckner came 3rd, Mark Davies 13th, Steve Allam 17th all in the GentsRecurve. Jodie Bucker got GOLD in the U12 recurve, and Alexander Allam was 2nd in the U16 recurve.

October 2015

"Try the sport" - 24th

A few showers for the Mayors charity, but we had fun and some interest from a few members of the public.

September 2015

Club friendly shoot - 26th

10 members attended the shoot on Saturday, shooting both long and short metric rounds. The results can be found here.

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