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Hampshire Championships

The Hampshire Indoor championships is normally held in February, but was moved to October due to Covid. Held over two days, the first day is a combined round of WA25 and WA18. Only Richard represented the club on this day, and he came 6th overall.

Some of our Warren only members were there, with Colin Simpson coming in 3rd, three members of the Hicks family all shooting well - with Ollie doing amazingly well - shooting a WORLD record score for both the WA25 and WA18 rounds.

The Sunday was the Portsmouth round, -Richard, Steve A and Paul W. went along to shoot, with Jodie there to help the tournament organisers. The competition was quiet compared to previous years, with about half the entries to normal, or so it seemed. Again, some good results for OvBA, with Richard coming 1st in Hampshire (6th overall) and Steve 3rd (9th overall). Paul did not shoot his best score, but was happy to have been there and shot a solid round under competition conditions. Richard, Steve, Paul also won the recurve team competition, although I'm not sure many clubs had sufficient archers for a team, but as OvBA won the team competition in 2019 & 2020, I think we can congratulate ourselves a little bit :-)

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