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Hampshire 3D championships

On the 6th September, Hampshire Archery Association (HAA) held the counties first 3D field archery championships; hosted by Overton Black Arrows at their field archery range in Kingsclere, north Hampshire.

3D field archery involves shooting a course of 24 animal targets, at unmarked (unknown) distances between 5m and 30/45m, depending on bow style. Archers move around the course in groups of 4, rather like golf shooting 2 arrows at each target and then moving onto the next one.

Planning for this event started in November 2019, but was put on hold during the Covid pandemic, not least because an order was placed for new targets from a company in Italy, just before the start of the pandemic. HAA received the targets at the end of July and the event was scheduled for September!

31 Hampshire archers and 28 from other counties entered, shooting under the current Archery GB social distancing rules. The weather was fantastic – a bit of cloud, but plenty of sunshine making it hard work on what is a very steep and hilly course.

Hampshire Archers took first place overall in 12 of the 20 categories, with some good scores. More than 10 county records will be claimed as a result.

Full results can be found here:

Winners in the Hampshire championships are as follows:

American Flatbow Gents: 296 - James Catchside (Fort Purbook co of Bowmen)

Barebow Gents: 423 – Richard Heathcote (Talisman Archers) Junior Gents (U12): 143 – Noah Littlechild (Fort Purbrook co of Bowmen) Junior Ladies (U15): 216 – Faith Littlechild (Fort Purbrook co of Bowmen)

Compound Unlimited Gents: 502 - Owen Blackmore (Southampton AC) Ladies: 438 – Elizabeth Blackmore (Southampton AC)

Instinctive Junior Ladies (U12): 111 – Katy Hawley (Fort Purbook co of Bowmen)

Longbow Gents: 263 – Dan Hawley (Fort Purbook co of Bowmen) Junior Gents (U18): 86 – James Baker (Overton Black Arrows)

Recurve Gents: 378 – Richard Buckner (Overton Black Arrows) Junior Gents (U12): 147 – Tom Hawley (Fort Purbook co of Bowmen) Junior Gents (U15): 298 – Henry Maule (Fort Purbook co of Bowmen) Ladies: 314 – Ffion Edgeley (Forest of Bere) Junior Ladies (U15): 357 – Freya McCallum (Fort Purbook co of Bowmen) Junior Ladies (U18): 296 – Jodie Buckner (Overton Black Arrows)

Traditional Gents: 228 – Paul Creamer (Fort Purbook co of Bowmen)

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