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February 2017 news


January challenge results

The results are back....some good places for members:

- In the beginners section there were 248 entries: Anthony Trowers 472 (93rd), Dave Quillin 401 (165th), Mason Gladdish 395 (172nd), Karl Liriano 375 (186th) - Gents recurve section there were 684 entries: Richard Buckner: 578 (24th), Steve Allam: 566 (70th), Mark Davies 555 (124th), Rob Aldridge 553 (133rd), Mike Bone 544 (199th), Alex Allam (Junior) 514 (383rd), Luke Aldridge 467 (550th), James Davies 455 (570th) - Ladies recurve section there were 304 entries: Jodie Buckner (Junior) 302 (294th)

- Gents barebow - Bill Jones came 9th out of 145, Lee Montieth (99th)<i><b><font size="4"><br></font></b></i>- Gents longbow section, Bill Jones came 32nd out of 139 - Gents barebow - beginners there were 40 entries: Kieran Guinniss (20th), David Mahers (32nd) - Gents compound - beginners Steve Baker came 13th of 28

BA postal league

The Overton Black Arrows Portsmouth team have been victorious again in the BA Postal League!

The ‘A’ Team consisting of Richard, Mark and Rob have beaten Burton Bridge archers by 1669 points to 1619, an emphatic victory!

The first team have only lost 1 match in the whole competition, so things are looking good for the end of the competition.

One more round to go….

Perris league

Overton Black Arrows (732) beat Six Towns "B" (651) by 81 points

We are currently 17th in the league (of 48)

Old Basing Valentines day shoot....

Six of us went to the Valentines day shoot, on the 12th. It was an indoor shoot....Hah. It was COLD. The venue was great - an indoor tennis facility, but this had no heating, so we might as well have been shooting a frostbite.


  1. Talk to Mike Bone when you want to know when to turn up to competitions - he can advise well on punctuality

  2. Talk to Steve about crap shooting at competitions

  3. Talk to Rob about post-shooting pubs

  4. Talk to Richard about defrosting...

Richard shot the WA25 followed by the WA18 - the rest of us just shot the WA25.

Overall, Richard came 4th - and missed third place by ONE point,- unlucky!

Alexander picked up a Bronze in the U18 class!

The rest of us, based purely on the WA25 results, out of 30 gents recurve came: Richard (535 - 4th), Mark(517 - 12th), Rob(497 - 19th), Mike(464 - 23rd), Steve(444 - 24th)

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