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August Round Up

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Archery GB 50+ Competition

The first weekend in August saw several members travel to Wallingford to take part in the AGB 50+ Championship, not 50+ arrows, but an event for the more mature archers amongst us, cough cough.

Following the qualifying rounds for Barebow (no Trad or Instinctive categories) and going into the Head to Head matches knockout round style;

Following qualifying;

Rob Aldridge was 6th seed in Barebow,

Steve Allam was 12th seed in Barebow,

Angus Falcon Relf was 15th seed in Barebow,

Richard Buckner was 8th seed in Recurve.

In the head to head matches;

Steve went out in the first found, finishing 17th out of 26,

Angus went out in the second round, finishing 9th out of 26,

Rob made it to the quarter finals, finishing 6th out of 26,

Richard made it to the quarter finals, finishing 5th out of 45.

Combined this saw OvBA come second in the Team Event.

Congratulations Gentlemen and well done to you all, you certainly did OvBA and yourselves proud.

Fort Purbrook 2023 Field Shoot (Open, SCAS and HAA)

It was a well run event with an always interesting course in and around the Fort.

OvBA archers had a very good showing;

David Mahers took 1st place in Asiatic, taking the SCAS and HAA Gold Medals.

Rob Aldridge took 3rd place in Barebow, taking the SCAS Silver and HAA Gold Medals.

Terry Edwards took 8th place in Barebow, taking the HAA Silver Medal.

Richard Buckner took 3rd place in Recurve, taking the SCAS and HAA Gold Medals.

Steve Allam took 2nd place in Traditional, taking the SCAS and HAA Gold Medals.

Angus Falcon Relf took 3rd place in Traditional, taking 2nd spot in SCAS and HAA, but unfortunately no medals as there weren't enough SCAS and HAA Traditional archers taking part.

Congratulations Gentlemen and well done to you all, you certainly did OvBA and yourselves proud.

Courses & Coaching: Beginners, Improvers & Try Another Bow

There won't be a Beginners Course this Autumn.

Instead we will focus our efforts to help existing members with some 'Improver' and 'Try Another Bow' days, where we will have coaches on hand at Laverstoke on Saturday the 16th of September for coaching help or to try another bow type and Sunday the 22nd of October for more coaching help.

Maintenance Day - Saturday the 30th of September

Starting from around 9am, we could do with as many volunteers as possible to help with the planned maintenance needed at Laverstoke. The more of us there, the quicker we can all finish and either shoot some arrows, or shoot to the pub/gym/shops/etc.!

Main bits needing to be done include:

Line marking; waiting and shooting lines and all distance lines as per distance markers will need 'weedkilling' to re-establish all safety and distance lines.

Distance marker repair; some of the number boards have come off the ground spikes for some of the distances, we could do with someone who can drill holes in the metal spikes and attach the number boards with cable ties which will be made available.

Bosses; repacking foam within the bosses, replacing badly shot up layers of foam with new, in order to firm up the softer areas on the bosses.


General clearing up and tidying within the clubhouse.

If not already done, painting the walls and ceiling of the WC, maybe even the floor, if we have time and enough helpers.

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