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A busy weekend!

Last weekend saw various activities for the club:

Swindon Supermarine:

  1. Jodie Buckner shot a Double Metric 122-40m on Saturday and got a Recurve Silver medal.

  2. Gerald, Steve Baker, Mark Davies and Richard Buckner all shot a double WA720 on Saturday.

    1. Richard Buckner got a Recurve Bronze medal on Saturday

  3. Gerald, Steve Baker and Richard Buckner also shot a WA1440 on Sunday

    1. Richard Buckner a visitor Recurve Gold medal.

    2. Steve Baker got a visitor Compound Bronze medal

    3. Gerald got a Dorset and Wilts Compound Bronze medal

Micheldever have-a-go:

Geoff, Steve, Alex and Eric ran the Micheldever have-a-go session on Saturday. We had a surprise guest - Peter came along with Eric and Cindy to join us, and so we got him working; both coaching and taking the money!

We had around 55 people attend!

Coombe clear-up

Sunday saw Steve, Alex, Mark, Jo, Stuart, Gary, Mike B, Rob B (+ Mrs Rob) plus visitors Grace and Edu up at the Coombe, where we moved the remaining 14ish bosses off the hillside and back to the container; also moved a number of bosses from the woods back to the container. Many thanks to all the helpers!

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