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60th shoot & BBQ

We had a good turn-out for our club Warwick + BBQ event at the end of June - about 20 members shot the round, with a few more popping in to say hi, and to partake of a burger. Well done to those that shot - especially to those that hadn't picked up a bow in a while (Sarah-Jane, Alex, Tony, Hannah, Jodie) and it was good to see both new and old faces in the line up.

Results for the Warwick were as follows:

WA Instinctive:

- Angus 275


- Rob C 237


- Hannah B (W40) 422

- Steve B 412


- Jodie B (W30) 422

- Richard B 388

- Steve A 382

- Paul W 311

- Tony (W50) 310

- Sarah Jane (W30) 101


- Rob A 314

- Terry 304

- Leon 303

- Alex (W50) 239

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