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5 Go to Exmouth

The first weekend of October saw five Overton Archers travel to Exmouth to take part in the Exmouth Archers Field Competition. For the past two years this weekend has coincided with very heavy rainfall and so a very wet event.

This year it was dry which was a relief, we shot a very challenging course and with all archers shooting well:

- Richard Buckner second for recurve,

- Steve Allam second for Trad bowstyle

- Rob Aldridge third in Barebow

It was also great to have new members Charlie and Lauren with us for the weekend (do you have your release aid Lauren?).

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Dec 14, 2022

You lucky lucky ... dry ... archers! If I can get there next year, if, no doubt the rain will return 😂 Well done all, fingers crossed I can make it in 2023.

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