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OVBA at the All British!

You have heard about the event....probably helped....but what about the club members that shot it?

The All British is attended by the best Archers from the four corners of the United Kingdom. Archers shoot in many categories and there is also a team event: England v Wales v Scotland v N. Ireland

We had four archers shooting in the competition:

Richard, Steve & Jodie shot recurve; Saturday an unmarked course of 24 targets, Sunday a marked course of 24

Bill shot barebow; Saturday the marked course of 24 targets, Sunday the unmarked course of 24

Come to the venue and you'll see the sort of shots they had to cope with!!

Results as follows

Gents Barebow

Bill Jones: 17th after day 1, and 16th (out of 24) overall with a score of 475

Gents Recurve

Richard Buckner: 8th after day 1, and 8th (out of 26) overall with a score of 590

Steve Allam: 13th after day 1, and 16th overall with a score of 528

U15 Ladies Recurve:

Jodie Buckner: 1st after day 1 and 1st overall with a score of 449

Well done!

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