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June Round Up

At Laverstoke

We've had some newer members shooting for their 252 badges, these are a good way to see how you're progressing, have a look at the "Badge Schemes" under the "Club" menu item on the OvBA website.

It's nice to see a few more members shooting for their 252 badges, just ask any of the experienced archers how to shoot and score a 252 attempt if you're not 100% sure how it's done after looking at the info on the OvBA website.

The mowing team has been busy since the mower returned, thank you gentlemen, the range is looking good, especially with the mole hill flattening attachment.

British 3D Championships

Steve Allam, OvBA Tournament Organiser, was selected for the Archery England Team to shoot in the Traditional Bow category at the event over the 11th and 12th of the month, joined at the event by fellow OvBA members, Rob Aldridge, Steve Baker, Richard Buckner and Angus Relf.

All OvBA archers represented themselves, their club, and country, very well.

Steve Allam was 2nd in Traditional, helping the England Team to victory.

Richard took the winners spot in Recurve.

Angus shot a PB to finish 4th in Traditional.

Rob took 6th spot in Barebow.

Steve Baker took 7th in Compound.

All in all a very respectable performance from the OvBA archers with some stiff competition at the event, well done gentlemen.


Richard Buckner was in action again and travelled to Woking to shoot a Double WA 70m on the 18th of the month. That's 144 arrows at 70m on a 122cm target over the day and managed a very respectable 9th spot up against some great archers in the event.

The top four (especially the winner) seemed to be head and shoulders above the rest of the field, I think a medal may have been just out or reach for Richard on this occasion, but a good finish none the less.

The Warren

It's been a busy month here, lots of course building with bosses needing to be moved here there and everywhere, plus lots of strimming, raking and tent building, all in preparations for the Watership Down Open 2023 with almost 70 archers expected to shoot 24 field targets each day.

Half the targets will be 'marked distances' and half 'unmarked' distances where the archers need to gauge the distance for themselves. With what will no doubt be a challenging course, it should make for some interesting shooting.

Then it's all change for day two with different distances at all targets.

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who have helped in the lead up to the event and all those who will be helping out on the day.

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