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Hampshire Championships

We had some good results in the two days of the competitions this year; EIGHT medals....a medal summary:

All for Hampshire archers:

  1. Alex won gold in the the U18 gents recurve category

  2. Jodie won gold in the U14 ladies recurve

  3. Bill won silver in the gents barebow

  4. Richard won gold on Saturday and Bronze on Sunday in gents recurve

  5. Mark, Richard and Jodie won bronze in the team event


Saturday was a WA18 round

Gents recurve - 16 of whom go through to the head-to-head:

  1. Alexander came 17th/26, Steve came 19th/26

  2. Mark and Richard both got through to the head to head

Mark was knocked out in the first round, but Richard when all the way and won the GOLD medal!

Ladies recurve

- Jodie came 8th/11 and was knocked out in the first round of the head to head.

Gents compound

- Eric came 18th.


Sunday was the Hampshire indoor championships; a Portsmouth round, shot by 75 archers:

Gents recurve:

- Richard came 4th/33 with a score of 578 (only 5 points off 1st place!) (3rd in Hampshire)

- Mark came 12th with a score of 553 (9th in Hants)

- Steve came 13th with a score of 551 (10th in Hants)

- Alex came 17th with a score of 541 (14th in Hants)

- Mike came 20th with a score of 532 (17th in Hants)

- Terry came 21st with a score of 531 (18th in Hants)

- Rob came 23rd with a score of 525 (20th in Hants)

Ladies recurve:

  1. Jodie came 9th/18 with a score of 496

Gents compound (shot on a triple spot target)

  1. Dave came 13th/17 with a score of 552

  2. Eric came 17th with a score of 469

Gents Barebow: - Bill came 2nd/8 with a score of 514

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