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Hampshire Championships

The Hampshire championships ran over two days at the start of Feb.

Day 1 was a combined WA25m and WA18m, and was attended by Richard Buckner and Rob Aldridge. Good results from both of them!

  1. Richard came 1st, with a score of 570 + 558

  2. Rob came 5th, with a score of 516 + 504

Day 1 was the Hampshire championship Portmouth round, with a few more members attending:

  1. Richard came 1st, with 585

  2. Steve A came 3rd, with 576

  3. Rob A came 15th, with 544

  4. Nick T came 27th, with 505

  5. Alex came 31st, with 485

Ladies Recurve:

  1. Mel T came 10th, with 524

Junior ladies recurve (U16)

  1. Jodie came second, with 513

Mens Compound

  1. Steve B came 16th, with 547

In addition, Richard, Steve & Jodie came first in the (recurve) team competition!!

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