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Famouse Five (minus 1) go to Exmouth

Last weekend saw 4 club members take a trip to Exmouth to compete in the Exmouth Open, incorporating the regional championships.  The weather forward was, well....awful.  This was Rob's first 'away' competition, and he was a little apprehensive - being put in room 101 by the hotel wasn't perhaps a great omen! Saturday morning was bright and sunny....until about 8:30am, when it started to rain.  It didn't stop raining.  By 10am we were out shooting the course, in undulating woodland, just north of Exmouth.  Although the trees helped a bit, by the end of the day we were all very wet, the score cards were only just hanging together.  The course was good, but slow, as all archers started at target one, so the course slowed to the slowest archer.  The evening was spent drying things out using the hotel hair dryers with a quick trip to a pub, before curfew.  We were all resigned to another slow, wet day on the Sunday. On Sunday, amazingly, the rain held off, and they put people out at different points of the course, so we had a fantastic day, with slightly better shooting that the day before.  Both Rob and Jodie were able to claim ArrowHead awards for their scores.  Scores/places after 2 days were:     Steve:      4th place, 572     Richard:   6th place, 542     Rob:         9th place, 500     Jodie:     1st place, 419

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