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Dave Hill (1942 - 2018)

Last week, Dave Hill sadly passed away, due to cancer and additional complications.

Dave Hill and Peter Turner were the original founders of the club - after meeting in the Overton youth club, in 1962 they set-up an "arm" of the club dedicated to Archery. Dave was 20 years old at the time. In 1965 they set-up Overton Archers, and then in 1970 they created the Black Arrows - specifically to concentrate on the field archery discipline - at that time they were "running up & down" the hills in the Warren!

In 1975 the two clubs merged to form the Overton Black Arrows as we are today.

Dave competed on the British team and was in the National field squad - Dave was our clubs first Grand Master Bowman (followed shortly by Peter) and both of them have competed and won the British clout championships.

Dave was course organiser for the world archery championships in 1982 and continued shooting at all levels and was an extremely active member of the Black Arrows until a few years ago. He continued with a great interest in the clubs activities, and whilst he couldn't make our Christmas dinner last year, he did come along to check that the field competition was "up to scratch" back in July.

He is missed.

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