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April round-up!

April started with 5 OvBA coaches travelling to Fort Purbrook to help out on an "Introduction to Field Archery" hosted to instruct existing archers in the way of the field.

A week later, the Club held its first friendly competition - a Warwick round, well done to all those that took part:

Next up, competition time! Richard Buckner and Charles Crane were off to the Andover Archers Saxon shoot (a York round), whilst Steve Allam was off in Wales for the Welsh 3D championship for the weekend.

- Charles came 5th in Gents compound with a score of 1190

- Richard came 3rd in Gents recurve with a score of 1037

- Steve came 2nd in Gents Trad with a score of 648

Lastly in April, saw the end of our Spring beginners course, with 14 archers passing their assessment, - well done to all new archers (and coaches)

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