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Silent Auction

This year to help raise funds for our chosen charity we are holding a silent auction at the All British & Open Field Championships - with some fantastic prizes up for grabs. 

Our charity this year is "Dive Ability" - who provide scuba diving for the disabled or disadvantaged to offer a unique sense of freedom in a world of weightlessness.  This year they are raising funds to replace their well used but aged hoist that help some clients access the pool. The cost of this is £12,000 so any funds we can raise to help toward this target will be well used and appreciated!

BBC News Item

Dive Ability Promotion Video

Dive Ability Website

So… what is a silent auction and how does it work?

A silent auction is exactly the same as a normal one just without the shouting and frantic paddle waving!


  1. You register for a bidder number

  2. Head over to a table of prizes to see what is on offer. (A selection is listed below to whet your appetite!)

  3. On the relevant bidder sheet for the prize you enter your bid and bidder number

    • Everyone can see your bid and bidder number but they don’t know who you are!

    • There are no limits on how many times you can bid

  4. Check back frequently to see if your bid has been beaten and increase your bid to become the highest

  5. At 2pm on Sunday the bidding ENDS!!!

  6. Those with the highest bids against each prize wins!

  7. Payment will be collected by Hannah Callier (OvBA Committee member) via bank transfer to allow Gift Aid to be donated to the charity.

Some prizes will need to be collected on the day, but others can be emailed after the event.

What are the prizes?? Drum roll please…

  1. A three or four night stay at a Lakeside lodge in the Cotswold Water Park for up to 8 people (dog friendly)

  2. Introductory flight in a glider at Lasham Gliding Club – Hampshire (£150)

  3. Sailing experience with Terry Edwards (OvBA Committee member) at Island Sailing Club – Reading (One of a Kind)

  4. Bombay Sapphire Tour, Masterclass and Gin – Hampshire (RRP £140)

  5. Merlin Archery - goodies & voucher (RRP £50)

  6. Ever popular and often fought over… Mrs Baker's baked GIANT Caramel Square! (Priceless!!)

  7. A Basket of Booze (still growing!!)

  8. Luxury Hamper of indulgent treats (RRP £100)

RRP’s are just there to give a guide on what they normally sell for, so you could snap up a bargain or dig deep for charity!


Once all prizes have been confirmed we can open for pre-bids and even remote bids if you aren’t going to be around for the final day for any reason.


Let Hannah Callier know your starting bid, highest bid and how much above the current bid you want the next value to be. A bidding number will be pre-allocated to you; for instance, you could put a starting bit of £5 on the Basket of booze, with an increment of £1 and a highest bit of £15:   Pre bids can be sent to:


Good Luck and Enjoy!!

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