Welcome to Overton Black Arrows Archery Club.

2.6 Challenge

Some club members that can shoot from home SAFELY are taking on the 2.6 challenge, which is an initiative to help save the UKs charities during the lockdown period.

To support the 2.6 challenge, we have decided to shoot 2.6 thousand points (each)!

On Saturday 2nd May, from 11am we will all shoot as many rounds as it takes in order to reach 2,600 points. This means shooting for 4-5 hours, three to four hundred arrows, so it's not a walk in the park!

We will be streaming live on the day (www.youtube.com/user/aldridgerob), so you can watch some of the fun & pain.

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...Please find our risk assessment/statement here

WA Beat the outbreak league

A few members are shooting at home, where is is safe to do so, and are playing with the targets put together by the Outbreak league.  If you want to join in, the facebook group is here.

And, you can find the target faces we are using here:  target folder


Watership Down Open Field shoot & SCAS Field Championships

Entries for the Watership down Open Field shoot are now open, this year we are pleased to incorporate the SCAS Field Championships.

Whether this competition goes ahead is entirely dependant on the social distancing measures that are in place at the time, and as this is an AGB UK record status shoot which requires AGB insurance, requires permission from AGB to be held.  We will make a decision in June.

Please see full prospectus and purchase tickets on the Events page or from: here

About us

Originally established in 1962, the Overton Black Arrows archery club was founded to allow members to enjoy all aspects of the sport of archery from beginner tuition, recreational archery through to competition coaching. The club is affiliated with Archery GB, Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) and the Hampshire Archery Association (HAA).

Members currently shoot a variety of disciplines including Target, Field and Clout using Recurve, Barebow, Compound, flatbow and Long Bows. Some equipment is available for novices to use until they develop sufficient technique to warrant the purchase of their own equipment.

The club meets at its outdoor range in Laverstoke (between Overton and Whitchurch) all year and also once a week at its 18 metre indoor range in Whitchurch during the winter. We also meet regularly at our Field Archery course in Kingsclere.

Beginners courses are run on a regular basis and enquiries from anyone interested in archery are always welcome.

Shooting Times

Shooting for all club members:
  • Wednesday and Friday from 6:00pm to dusk (Laverstoke range) in the summer (outdoors)
  • Wednesday 7:00pm to 9:30pm (Testbourne school Sports Hall) in the winter (indoors)
  • At The Warren field archery course (Kingsclere) by arrangement
  • Members can shoot at any time at our Laverstoke range, as long as the range rules are complied with

Please see our Contact page for location details and maps.


Please see:

  • The Learn/Try archery page, if you are wanting to try/learn the sport
  • The Events page, to see upcoming events, tournaments and club competitions
  • The Competitions page for details of competitions we hold and results
  • The Contacts page if you want to ask us anything (about Archery!)

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We are a certified ontarget "Community club"