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Competition Announcement

Coming Soon  . . .  May 2024

Click here for the Prospectus!

Tickets will go on sale to AGB members on
On 22nd Feb @ 7pm (early entrants on 19th Feb @ 10am)

Overton Black Arrows are pleased to announce the club will host The All British & Open Field Championships.

On Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of May 2024, when we expect many top field archers to come and shoot at our field archery venue, The Warren.  Plenty of aspiring archers will also tackle the challenging course; shooting up, down and across some renowned and some feared slopes, as well as through the woods between trees where light and shade can play a part in creating a challenging shot.

The Warren has three distinct areas:

The Warren, around 12acres of a curved dead end valley with many steep slopes; some close to 45degrees.

The Woods, around 7acres of mature woodland, with very level areas to be found.

The Combe, a steeply sloped natural amphitheatre with slopes that can exceed, The Warren itself.

Overall, the whole venue represents a challenging environment for even the most seasoned archer.

Archers competing in the 2024 All British Field & Open Championships will shoot an unmarked WA24 field round on Saturday, then a marked WA24 field round on Sunday.  There will be three 'loops' of 8 targets; one loop in The Combe, one loop in The Woods and one loop in The Warren.

As a club, Overton Black Arrows is privileged to have access to The Warren and we're delighted to be able to invite archers wanting to shoot the whole venue, which is not often possible, to enter The 2024 All British & Open Field Championships.
Ticket sales should hopefully open in the last week of February and as soon as we can we will provide more information, and or a link, to enable you to book your spot.

We hope you won't be disappointed with the course and we're quietly confident you will feel challenged!

Hopefully, everyone will leave with a smile on their face, even if one or two competitors do leave an arrow, or two, in storage somewhere within The Warren!  But, don't worry, someone will likely find it, although we can't say when, but most stored arrows get found ... eventually.

Beginners Course

  Our Winter 2024 Beginners Course finished on Saturday the 3rd of February.

24 potential new archers are now able to join Overton Black Arrows, or any AGB affiliated club.

We will publish details of our next Beginners Course once we have set dates for it.  Although it is likely to be late summer and or early autumn before our next group beginners course takes place.  'Ad-hoc' beginners courses for an individual, or couple, may be possible from April onwards.

Please see the EVENTS and/or the BEGINNERS page for more details.  Or, use the Contact page and select 'Beginners' from the drop down list and send us a message letting us know you'd like to do a beginners course and we will add your details to a list of people  to contact when we arrange our next beginners course.

I've brought a bow and want to practice with it ...

Whilst it is possible to teach yourself to shoot, there are all sorts of things that can go wrong with this!  Where will you shoot this lethal weapon?

An official range has a minimum length of 100m and a width that includes a sizeable safety area either side of the target.

Are you insured? ... Are your neighbours happy? ... Is your equipment even fit for purpose?

From a coaching perspective, it is important to NOT just go out, buy a bow and start shooting.  Correct shooting technique should be learnt on a light-weight bow, before moving to a heavier poundage otherwise you will be stuck with bad technique and quite possibly end up injuring yourself.  A typical beginners bow has a low draw weight, 14-18lb, is enough, less for juniors.  Once good technique has been learnt, an archer can gradually move up in bow weight. We teach using recurve bows (as these have interchangeable limbs), but the basic techniques we teach transfer equally well to; Barebow, Compound, Flatbow, Horsebow, Longbow, Recurve, Traditional - you can hire bows from us once you have finished a beginners course and we'd recommend continuing with one of these for a few months before switching to a different bow style, or buying your own equipment.

Welcome to Overton Black Arrows Archery Club

Originally established in 1962, the Overton Black Arrows Archery Club was founded to allow members to enjoy all aspects of the sport of archery from beginner tuition, recreational archery through to compositing  coaching. The club is affiliated with Archery GB, Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) and the Hampshire Archery Association (HAA).

Members currently shoot a variety of disciplines including; Target, Field, 3D and Clout using; Barebow, Compound, Flatbow, Horsebow, Longbow, Recurve, and Traditional bows. Some equipment is available for novices to use until they develop sufficient technique to warrant the purchase of their own equipment.

The club meets regularly at its outdoor range in Laverstoke (between Overton and Whitchurch) all year and also once a week at its 18 metre indoor range in Whitchurch during the winter, typically from the start of October to the end of March. We also meet at our Field Archery course in Kingsclere, called The Warren.

However, this is via arranged sessions only.

Details of when we can use The Warren appear on our Events page as and when The Warren is available to use and members must book on to a session to take part in a shoot around The Warren.

We cannot simply turn up at The Warren and practice our archery, or 3D, shooting whenever we want.

Beginners courses are run on a regular basis and enquiries from anyone interested in archery are always welcome.

Shooting Times

Shooting for all club members:

  • Wednesday and Friday from 6:00pm to dusk (Laverstoke range) in spring & summer (outdoors)

  • Wednesday 7:00pm to 9:30pm (Testbourne School Sports Hall) in the winter (indoor season)

  • At The Warren field archery course (Kingsclere) by arrangement

  • Members can shoot at any time at our Laverstoke range, as long as the range rules are complied with

Please see our Contact page for location details and maps.

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