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Berkshire championships

Seven members shot at the Berkshire championships at the weekend,- we were classed as visitors (i.e. not from a Berkshire club). The round was a Portsmouth.

Results were as follows:

Gents recurve:

3rd place - Steve A with 558 (7th overall)

7th place - Mark D with 548 (13th overall)

8th place - Mike B with 545 (15th overall)

Gents compound:

5th place - Dave R with 547 (10th overall)

8th place - Eric D with 486 (14th overall)

Gents longbow:

3rd place - Ian P with 338 (5th overall)

Gents barebow:

1st place - David P with 494 (2nd overall)

Remember all those of you who would like to enter a competition but don't think they are good enough....look at the lowest scores! Recurve lowest was: gents; 316, ladies; 204. Full results will be posted onon the Berkshire Archery website

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