By: online.services | January 14, 2019

Some mixed results in our BA rounds over the last couple of months:

Compound Frostbite

  In November we lost to Clophill AC (1022 v 988)

  In December we beat Trackside Archers (1022 v 1012)

Recurve Frostbite

  In November we lost to Meriden AC (952 v 939)

  In December we lost to Eccles AC (954 v 895)

Recurve Portsmouth A team

  In November we beat Bowmen of Harrow (1704 v 1639)

  In December we lost to Wirral Archers (1677 v 1675)

Recurve Portsmouth B team

  In November we lost to Oakfield Archers (1687 v 1553)

  In December we lost to Banbury Cross Archers (1696 v 1599)

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By: online.services | March 08, 2018

In February, all our Portsmouth and Frostbite Recurve teams won their matches in the Postal League, well done all!

Portsmouth ‘A team’: Richard 579, Mark 571, Steve A 546

Total: 1696 vs 1668 for Canterbury Archers


Portsmouth ‘B team’:  Jodie 532, Rob A 531, Alex 523

Total: 1586 vs 1514 for RUKAS Archers


Frostbite: Richard 334, Mark 313, Mike B 288

Total: 935 vs 905 for Nuneaton Archers

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