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A few members shot the end-of-season Windsor round at the end of September, and enjoyed a BBQ afterwards.  People shot different rounds, and so I gathered the scores up, and used the handicap for each round to work out placings:

  • 1st - 36 - Steve A (Albion - 804)
  • 2nd -42 -  Mel (Junior Windsor - 927)
  • 3rd  -43 - Rob (Albion - 722)
  • 4th - 46 - Nick (Short Windsor - 844)
  • 5th - 50 - Terry (Windsor - 714)
  • 6th - 60 - Andy S (Short Windsor - 654)

Mark shot a Windsor round with his longbow and scored 416, which is pretty hard to compare with the handicap system, which doesn't cover longbows, but, using the classification system, he shot a 1st class round, which puts him somewhere in the top 3.

Well done everyone.

Whilst we were enjoying the sunshine, Richard, Jodie, Craig, Steve B were competing in the Hampshire championships.  I don't have full results from them, but:

Day one:   

  - Steve B got through to the 1/4s   

  - Richard and Jodie both got through to the 1/8s
Day two:   

  - Richard came 3rd in Hampshire recurves, after breaking his bow limbs, mid competition....with a score 2 points off Master Bowman (although clearly not a master bowman after breaking his bow....)    - Steve B struggled in the rain and scored 1223

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