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Some mixed results in our BA rounds over the last couple of months:

Compound Frostbite

  In November we lost to Clophill AC (1022 v 988)

  In December we beat Trackside Archers (1022 v 1012)

Recurve Frostbite

  In November we lost to Meriden AC (952 v 939)

  In December we lost to Eccles AC (954 v 895)

Recurve Portsmouth A team

  In November we beat Bowmen of Harrow (1704 v 1639)

  In December we lost to Wirral Archers (1677 v 1675)

Recurve Portsmouth B team

  In November we lost to Oakfield Archers (1687 v 1553)

  In December we lost to Banbury Cross Archers (1696 v 1599)

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By: online.services | October 15, 2018

No news generally means we've all been busy.

September saw a number of members competing, including:

  • Steve Baker getting very wet at the Waterside HAA champs, where he shot a FITA 1440.  He didn't win, but was almost the last man standing the the terrible conditions and came 7th
  • David, Steve A, Alex, Steve B, James and Hannah competed at the Alton & Fourmarks Windsor shoot, and came back with a few medals:
    • Steve B was 2nd in Gents compound
    • Steve, James, Hannah won bronze in the family competition
    • Alex was 3rd in Gents Recurve
    • Steve and Alex bronze in gents recurve
    • David arguably did the best by winning Wine, chocolates and sweets in the raffle.
  • Richard competed at Swindon and narrowly missed his 3rd master Bowman score

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By: online.services | July 18, 2018

The National County Team Championships were held on the last weekend in June at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.  Congratulations to Richard who was selected to shoot for the Hampshire team.  The team came third in the country!  Also, the rankings were published, congratulations again to Richard.






Scores are based on an archer’s best three WA 50/70 rounds and best three WA 1440 rounds.


    1st    Sonnie Emeny                   5478

    2nd  Richard Buckner              5388

    3rd   James Towle                       5108

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By: online.services | March 19, 2018

Overton Black Arrows (765) beat Harefield (591) by 174 points

Alex Allam – 275

Jodie Buckner – 274

Dan Lirianos – 216


This month we were 13th out of 48 teams, Overall our total score puts us 9th out of 48 teams


Alex’s average score is 10th out of all 122 Gents

Dan’s average score is 68th out of all 122 Gents

Jodie’s average score is 8th out of all 98 Ladies


Alex’s average score is 5th out of 32  under 18 Gents

Dan’s average score is 15th out of 27 under 14 Gents

Jodie’s average score is 2nd out of 31 under 14 Ladies

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By: online.services | March 03, 2018

The January challenge results are in, please see them here

Richard, Jodie and Mark entered the Battle of Basing, AKA the southern counties indoor championships, which consisted of a WA25 followed by a WA18 round - quite a long day of shooting.

Richard was 3rd in the region and was the highest scorer in the gold medal winning Hampshire team, and the highest scoring Hampshire archer.  Mark came 26th, but put in a stonking 538 PB for the WA25.

Jodie came 2nd in the U14 category.

Well done to all three!

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By: online.services | February 21, 2018

Our Juniors beat Trackside in the January Perris league by 38 points:


Overton Black Arrows

Jodie Buckner – 276

Alex Allam – 266

Dan Lirianos - 219



Stephen O'Connor – 279

Scott Arnold – 227

James Brury - 217


Average Scores table

Alex is 6th out of 30 in the under 18 Gents Recurve Class

Dan is 16th out of 27 in the under 14 Gents Recurve Class

Jodie is 3rd out of 30 in the under 14 Ladies Recurve Class

Well done Juniors!

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By: online.services | February 05, 2018

Seven members were at the first day of the Hampshire - to shoot a World Record Shoot WA18m +Head2Head.

The shoot consists of a qualifying round, shooting 18m at a triple spot 40cm target (full size 40cm for barebow/longbow).   The top 16 archers in each class go through to the head to head, where rank 1 goes up against 16th, 2 against 15th etc.  In the qualifiers:

Gents recurve (there is no junior class):

  • Richard came 1st (565)
  • Steve came 7th (537)
  • Mark came 14th (516)
  • Alex came 21st (482)

In the ladies, 

  • Jodie came 8th (328)

In the compound:

  • Steve B came 11th (529)
  • Eric came 14th (465)

This meant that 6 of us went through to the head 2 head, with the result that:
  • Richard WON GOLD
  • Mark and Steve were both knocked out in the first round, an...

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By: online.services | January 17, 2018

Our Juniors won their December match, well done to them! 
We are currently top of League 3, and are 10th out of all 48 recurve teams.

Overton Black Arrows (766) beat Howard "B" (500) by 266 points

Overton Black Arrows:
  •   Alex Allam – 279,
  •   Jodie Buckner – 272,
  •   Dan Lirianos – 215
 Howard "B":
  • James George – 173,
  • Dylan McDermott – 168,
  • David Barnes-Rider – 159

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By: online.services | November 21, 2017

Seven members shot at the Berkshire championships at the weekend,- we were classed as visitors (i.e. not from a Berkshire club).  The round was a Portsmouth.

Results were as follows:

Gents recurve:   

    3rd place - Steve A with 558 (7th overall)

    7th place - Mark D with 548 (13th overall)

   8th place - Mike B with 545 (15th overall)

Gents compound:   

    5th place - Dave R with 547 (10th overall)

    8th place - Eric D with 486 (14th overall)

Gents longbow:    

    3rd place - Ian P with 338 (5th overall)

Gents barebow:

    1st place - David P with 494  (2nd overall)

Remember all...

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By: online.services | October 29, 2017

We had some good results in the two days of the competitions this year; EIGHT medals....a medal summary:

All for Hampshire archers:   
  •    Alex won gold in the the U18 gents recurve category
  •    Jodie won gold in the U14 ladies recurve
  •    Bill won silver in the gents barebow
  •    Richard won gold on Saturday and Bronze on Sunday in gents recurve
  •    Mark, Richard and Jodie won bronze in the team event


Saturday was a WA18 round
Gents recurve - 16 of whom go through to the head-to-head:

  • Alexander came 17th/26, Steve came 19th/26
  • Mark and Richard both got through to the head to head
        Mark was knocked out in the first round, but Richard when all the way and won t...

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